WWE Miniature Wrestling Ring Charm – Custom Sterling Silver Jewelry

15mm Sterling Silver Wrestling Ring Charm

Sterling Silver Mini Wrestling Ring Charm

Just finished and shipped out this custom WWE Wrestling Ring Charm for a little girl who loves WWE wrestling. How cute is that? Her Dad has been giving his girls charms that are unique to them, which is so heartfelt. They will always be treasured gifts!

I just love thoughtful people who invest in artisan crafted one of a kind pieces!

Not only do they put bread on my table, they also contribute to a world that supports artists and Mom and Pop type businesses.

This Wrestling Ring charm is about 15mm x 15mm x 15mm. ┬áIt’s all sterling silver and entirely hand built.

If you have an interest in custom jewelry email me at julie@silversmyth.com. Thank you!

Finally got my blog troubles worked out and I’ll try to post again regularly! : )))

WWE Wrestling Ring Charm

WWE Wrestling Ring Charm

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