The Sterling Silver Geddy Lee Bass Guitar Money Clip Project

A prospective customer, Raquel, called with a very unusual request.  She wanted a guitar that looked like Geddy Lee’s Bass Guitar ( had no idea who Raquel was talking about) and wanted it on a money clip.  Raquel’s friend had been using a paperclip to hold his cash.  He’s a big fan of the band Rush.  The first step of any project for me is actually making the sale.  We have to agree on a price. Figuring out all the materials that will be needed and how long the project will take is essential.  A quote with a detailed drawing of my concept is emailed the customer.  If he or she wants to move forward, I email an electronic billing.  When it’s paid, any materials that are not in stock need to be ordered.

A drawing of the design for the Geddy Lee Money Clip project

Drawn concept for the Geddy Lee Money Clip project

In this case, I needed to order a manufactured money clip.  I sculpted the original guitar out of polymer clay.  I keep polymer clay in the studio because detailed designs are easy to sculpt into it and then oven harden, thereby making the model ready to be molded.  Some stiff plastic covered beading wire was perfect to be the guitar strings on the tiny sculpture.  The guitar had to be sculpted slightly larger than the money clip to allow for the shrinkage that was to occur later in the process.


Geddy Lee Bass Guitar Clay Model

Polymer Clay Model of the Geddy Lee Bass Guitar

The guitar was placed on the flat bottom of my molding frame and well mixed two part molding compound was pressed down on top.  After 30 minutes the poly clay guitar was removed from the mold.  I mixed up some silver metal clay and pressed it in to the mold and cut away the excess.  After a few minutes I released the wet guitar from the mold and trimmed away and extra clay.  Then I made an additional guitar copy. The silver metal clay guitars were left to dry out overnight.

pink mold of the clay guitar model

Mold made from the guitar model

In the morning, the guitars were dry.  They were fired and cooled and ready to solder to the sterling silver money clip.  After soldering one guitar to the money clip and adding a ring to the other it was time for finish work.  The money clip was blackened in Liver of Sulfer and then given a brushed finish.   The black portions of the guitar were left black and the white parts were polished to create visual appeal.  I then engraved the gift recipient’s initials on the rear of the money clip.

Engraving on the rear of the money clip

Image of the reverse of the money clip with hand engraving

Took photos of both guitars and wrapped up the money clip for delivery.

I arranged to meet Raquel for coffee and deliver the money clip in person.  The money clip was presented in a Silversmyth box tied with ribbon.  Raquel loved how the bass guitar money clip turned out and was excited to give this special gift.

Geddy Lee Bass Guitar Money Clip in Sterling Silver

Geddy Lee Bass Guitar Money Clip in Sterling SIlver

Bass Guitar Necklace in Sterling and Fine Silver

Bass Guitar Necklace in Sterling and Fine Silver

The necklace is available for sale.  For questions and custom order requests please email:


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