Sterling Silver Spiral Earrings are Classic and Unique to Silversmyth

Sterling Silver Spiral Earring

Every pair is made one at a time lending to the uniqueness of this simple classic sterling silver spiral earring.

It is truly my honor to handcraft jewelry so I work very hard to create an exceptional product that you will treasure for years to come. If you are woman considering this item for a gift you probably should save on shipping by ordering two pair at once. It’s not uncommon for people to order a jewelry piece for someone else only to have them keep the jewelry for themselves. (Are your initials, J.L.?)

I know you don’t think you’re going to do it.  Maybe you’ll just put on the earrings for a second. You need to make sure they will look good on your friend after all.  Oh yes… these earrings do make me look like a million bucks, you’ll realize.  I’ll just wear them out for a few minutes to run and get some coffee, you think.  But then the barista asks you about your stunning earrings and the guy behind you in  line can’t take his eyes off you.  You are thinking he’s smelling your new perfume at first.  But, that’s not it.  As a matter of fact the perfume reeks a bit.  It’s the earrings you have on.

Elegant Sterling Silver Spiral Earrings

Elegant Handcrafted Sterling Silver Spiral Earrings by Silversmyth

Each pair of Silversmyth sterling silver spiral earrings are made one at a time. They are made from 2 different thicknesses of sterling silver wire that are soldered together to form the spiral and the ear wire.

Oh sure, you look good.  You did put on a decent pair of shoes and you did change out of your sweats… but the earrings are the finishing touch that brings the whole outfit together.  They say, “yeah… I know how to attract without distracting.”  Just a flash of silver shows out from under your hair.

Well now you know… She’s so not getting these earrings.  You friend is an absolute treasure but she wouldn’t know handcrafted from machine made if she fell over the workbench they were made on.

Sterling Silver Spiral Earrings Hanging

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Spiral Earrings

The spirals are formed using a ring mandrel one twisted in one direction and the other in an equal and opposite spiral. They are hammered and tumbled with stainless steel shot to harden the silver and make them retain their shape.

The ends of the earwire are rounded using a cup shaped drill bit for the ultimate comfort in putting these earrings through your ears. I can customize these spirals in pretty much any way to suit you so do please ask me if you want something special.

I don’t mind questions at all.  Except don’t ask me about your perfume.  I have a very acute sense of smell and could probably tell you what you had for dinner 2 nights ago.  Was it pizza?  I love pizza.  Might have been a bit heavy on the oregano.



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