Sterling Silver Rain Drops Necklace with Gemstone Cabachons

This necklace wears beautifully on a 16″ sterling silver chain so it lays right below the divot in the collarbone.

Woke up with the brilliant idea in my mind for the above necklace.  When great ideas come, I run to get my sketchbook.  It’s usually those  mornings when waking up slowly is possible.  The alarm clock is no friend to my creativity.  I open my eyes to sunlight and while still half asleep I start to imagine designs.  It’s not a *try* kind of effort.  It’s effortless.  Thoughts just pass through and when that one brilliant moment happens I’m ready. Then I do my mad dash. Have to get my design on paper before it is forgotten.

Rain drops Gemstone Necklace Ruby, peridot, amethyst, citrine, blue topazI’d been thinking of ways to interestingly set cabachon gemstones.  I just love lots of bright colors set in bright shiny sterling silver!  I’m already thinking about my next multi-gemstone piece.  Ideas are popping into my head constantly.

Sterling Silver and Colorful-Gemstone Necklace and Earring Design Sketches

Sterling Silver Multi-Gemstone Necklace and Earring Design Sketches

Wish there were two of me so one could be drawing up the ideas and the other could be working away at the workbench.  Heck, I could probably keep a team of people busy with all the ideas floating around above my bed.  Here’s just a couple of design sketches to tease you with…

A close up the bezel set cabachon gemstones

A good view of the bezel set cabachon gemstones

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