Sterling Silver Angle Ring is Sculpture, It’s not just a ring.

Sterling Silver Angle RIng

Silversmyth Sterling SIlver Angle Ring


This is one of the first wax carved designs that I sculpted in wax to lost wax cast. This minimalist ring design was all about the play of light on the metal due to the different angles filed into the wax.

I’m loved Brancusi’s Bird in Space sculpture since I saw it in person at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City when I was in high school. That was probably about the time when it occurred to me that I liked metal and the way it reflects light.

Apparently there was a big controversy as to whether or not Bird In Space was “art”  back in the nineteen twenties. As it served no other practical purpose… it must be art.  Or a doorstop.  Well this ring is both art and makes for a lousy doorstop.  It’s a favorite ring of the handful of people who happen to have a copy if it.  It’s solid sterling silver and I have a mold so I can have it cast up in any size to order.  The ring is solid sterling silver so the entire interior can be engraved. Contact me if you would like to own one.  I’d be happy to sign the interior at no extra charge- after all art gets signed.  Custom engraving is quoted per character.

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