Sneaky Silversmyth…

Bunny's Bubbles Necklace
Bunny’s Bubbles Necklace

I conspired with the husband of my Twitter BFF, Bunny to create this meaningful necklace that includes a birthstone for each of Bunny’s chidren.  It’s an adaption of a necklace I’d previously created that Bunny told me she loved.   Just a day or two before her birthday, when the necklace was already in her husband’s possession, Bunny emailed me and said someday she wanted to get this very necklace with her kid’s birthstones.

As they say in Texas, I’d like to have died!  (This former Yankee thinks it means: I was shocked.) The suspense was killing me… waiting for her to open it on her birthday!

Needless to say Bunny was stunned and loves it very much!  I feel so fortunate to have aided in pulling off this most awesome suprise!


One thought on “Sneaky Silversmyth…

  1. Needless to say I WAS completely stunned to the core. You know how it is when you feel your insides fall in on themselves in utter shock? Yep, that’s ME on Christmas day… As Julie says, I thought I was being all clever when I figured out exactly what I wanted her to create for me “after the holidays”. Low and behold when I open a gift on my birthday I was already surprised was being given to me… here was me – jaw dropped, speechless, tears welling, utter shock and total surprise. Racing through my mind…”HOW did she make this so fast?! This couldn’t have been AFTER my email 2 days ago! HOW did she DO that?! HOW could she know?!” My head was reeling and as I came back to reality I was in a room full of family and friends with that blank-confused stare. I had NO idea how to explain it all as I was still speechless.
    Thank you my TBFF Julie for being so thoughtful and knowing what this means to me. You are a loving and incredibly talented woman. I LOVE MY BUBBLES NECKLACE!!!!! It’s genuinely my favorite necklace ever.
    Also, thank you to my darling husband for going in on this with her. Love you.

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