Sketch for the Amethyst Ring

This quick sketch is of the amethyst ring design I had in mind. Typically I will not set loose gemstones given to me a customer for fear of breakage or damaging a sentimental object. I stepped out of my comfort zone and set a stone larger and more valuable than I was accustomed. In stone setting class, the instructor said that a jeweler isn’t really experienced in stone setting until he or she has 500 settings under his her belt.  I don’t think I’ve approached 500 stones yet though I’m probably in the hundreds if you include other types of settings such as bezel , tube and flush settings. The sketch was small and pretty rough but it gavve the customer an accurate idea of what to expect.

A Sketch of a Rectangular Amethyst Gemstone in a simple classic setting
Sketch of a Rectagular (Octagonal) Amethyst Gemstone in a Classic Setting

The design was approved and the next post will show the final ring.

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