Silversmyth: The Superhero

Silversmyth: The Superhero

Silversmyth: The Superhero

Silversmyth the superhero can melt silver with just her finger where as the real Silversmyth (me)  uses an air/acetylene torch.  I saw some great Anime people AmandaBB had posted on Twitter and asked her to create one for me.

She allowed me to pick my super power, my costume and made several revisions to make it exactly how I’d imagined.   Silversmyth’s looks are LOOSELY based on mine.  Our superhero versions of ourselves  should be the better, stronger cooler version… like our Superman version instead of  the real us —-> the Clark Kent version.  Don’t you agree?

So here I am Silversmyth, the superhero!  In an alley where handcrafted jewelry will prevail over the factory-made mall jewelry!  The people will be saved from costume jewelry and own something truly precious!

Anime above designed by AmandaBB.   Contact her on Twitter @AmandaBB1981 or check out her website . She takes commissions for free. Designing anime avatars is her hobby but, she does accept tips which are much appreciated and deserved!

My Twitter ID is @Silversmyth.  Follow me , send me a tweet and I’ll follow you back. Thanks!

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