Reflections Jewelry Cleaner a Gentle Cleaner for All Types of Jewelry

Reflections Jewelry Cleaner in clear container

Reflections Jewelry Cleaner

Elizabeth Reynolds was kind enough to send me a bottle of Reflections Jewelry Cleaner to try.  The first things I noticed about it was it’s great scent and pretty blue color.  Reflections is very easy to use and since it contains no ammonia or other harsh chemicals it is not hard on the hands, either.  Reflections is not intended to remove tarnish from sterling silver but it did remove some tarnish from my jewelry.  It does, however, clean cut stones set in jewelry and makes the stones and the metal sparkle brilliantly.  Reflections Jewelry cleaner is non-toxic and has none of the harsh chemicals known to destroy pearls and soft stones like turquoise.

“It cleans more than fine jewelry, including costume and fashion jewelry.  Our chemist developed a polish for us that isn’t in other cleaners of this type, and it leaves the jewelry residue free. The polish, to me, is the most amazing thing about this product.” ~Elizabeth Reynolds

You probably don’t notice it but day to day use causes a buildup of nasty gunk in the backsides and crevices of your jewelry.   Recently, when cleaning a set of wedding rings belonging to a friend, unbelieveable gross stuff lifted out from behind the stones.  Who knows what kinds of nasty bacteria, food, dead skin and soap residue made up the stuff that finally loosened after two sonic cleaning cycles.  When I was finished carfully rubbing a toothpick behind the diamonds to lift off remaining gunk, the stones had a brilliant sparkle.   On sterling silver, I’m going to use Reflections Cleaner as a final cleaner after removing tarnish as the product contains a tarnish retardant.  This should save me a lot of time as cleaning the Silversmyth Collection before jewelry shows can be quite a chore.

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