Pinterest Worthy Fireplace Paint Upgrade

This was a super easy project to make my new-to-me living room sparkle!

Fire Place Before Photo showing missing black heatproof paint

This is how our fireplace looked when we bought our house.








It’s important to use High Heat spray paint. You dont want to have to repaint often and you probably don’t want to die from toxic fumes.

Fireplace repaint in progress

Use Plastic drop cloth to protect your room from airborne paint droplets

You want to cover the whole opening with plastic sheeting and then cut a slit to paint through. Then put another plastic sheet layer over the whole space just taping at the top. Put on your safety glasses and a gas mask/respirator to keep from breathing in the fumes. Get under the top sheet of plastic and put your arm and spray can through the slit. Spray paint away.  Two coats should do the trick.

Air out the room because this is going to stink for a while.

Fireplace shown with freshly painted heat proof paint.
Easy 20 minute DIY project to make your Fire Place look like new!


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