Perched Peridot

Perched Peridot, originally uploaded by Silversmyth.

Just created today this Minimalist design today…

The peridots could have been on the outside of the bottom rings instead, and point down. You know that would have been an easier way to set the stones as there would have had more room to work around the settings. But I’m never one to take the easy path. I take the path less travelled by. You know that has made all the difference.

Actually, now that I think of it that would be a stupid idea. Only short people, children and dogs would get a good look at the pretty stones unless the top ring is fused to the bottom… But I’d only do that by request… I kind of like rings that float around freely when I move them.

I tried these on… just to make sure they hang right and it happened again. The inner argument began. It goes like this…

Bad Julie: I want these.

Good Julie: You can’t have these. You need to sell them.

Bad Julie: Mama like! Must have!

Good Julie: Well they do look good on you…

Bad Julie: Hey you are supposed to be the *good* inner voice.

Good Julie: I can’t be perfect all the time.

Bad Julie: So it’s decided, we’re keeping a pair of these.

Good Julie: We’ll probably need a pair in each color.

Sterling Silver

Stone/Color options: Amethyst(Natural Grade AAA)/Purple, Peridot(lab created)/Lime Green, Natural Blue Topaz(duh, blue), Citrine/Yellow.





One thought on “Perched Peridot

  1. I LOVE that poem! So descriptive. My husband is a poet also. He has also been experimenting with jewelry. So far, mostly assembling store bought pieces. He’s such a renaissance man!

    Your pieces are fantastic!!

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