New Scooter and Camper charms in Fine Silver by Silversmyth

Retro Vespa Scooter Charm in FIne Silver

Retro Scooter Charm or Pendant in Fine Silver

My new charms are modelled after the Shasta Camper from the 1950s and a Vespa Scooter. I carved them in polymer clay, made silicone molds, and then molded them up with PMC3 silver metal clay resulting in a Fine Silver charm. It was a marathon carving session with just one brief break to have some lunch. 8am to 1:30pm doing detail work was pretty crazy but I’d do it all again.

Retro Camper Charm in FIne Silver

Retro Camper Charm in FIne Silver

Silver Black has been added to darken in the linear elements in both charms to accentuate the details.

The camper charm has lots of details, the propane tank, ball hitch, wing, and painted Z, two sets of windows and a door so you can let your imagination take a vacation Walter Middy style. The back is flat enough for some engraving if you want to say something. Maybe a name or a special date?

The scooter charm is larger (about an inch long) so I’m wearing mine as a pendant on a chain today. I can shrink this down to make smaller charms. Please offer suggestions for charms that you think I should have in my collection. Post in the comments section please! These charms are currently available on

Retro Scooter Charm similar to Vespa in FIne Silver

Retro Scooter Charm, Vespa Style in Fine Silver

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