Love Is Patient Sterling Silver Promise or Purity Ring in Size 7

Sterling Silver Love is Patient Promise or Purity Ring

Love Is Patient Purity or Promise Ring Size 7 in Sterling Silver

This hand carved promise or purity ring was inspired by a customer whose daughter lost the first “Love is Patient” ring I made  in the Brazos River (photo below).  So the customer had me make a second similar “Love is Patient” ring.  A few weeks went by when my customer found her daughter’s second ring on her window sill and put it somewhere safe so wouldn’t get lost, and then forgot where that safe place was.

Laugh if you will, but, who among us hasn’t put something somewhere safe only to forget where that safe place was?  I made a third ring to replace the second. So far so good. I”m crossing my fingers for her younger daughter who got  the fourth similar ring for a recent occassion.

So anyway, I thought it would be nice to have a cast version of this ring.  so I carved this out of wax and had it cast.  Then I made a mold of my first casting so I could make more when I had an order.  Current pricing is $140. as (of  Feb 17, 2012) My palmscale says it weighs 4.9 grams.
The above ring is only available in size 7.  I’ve made a mold so I can cast these up to order.   If you want a different size I can certaintly carve something up… I’m thinking next time I’ll carve the letters out instead of carving out the background, like the one above.   Love may be Patient… but me, not so much.   I like to change things up.

Sterling silver flat band ring with Love is Patient engraved on the exterior

Original Love is Patient Purity or Promise Ring in Sterling Silver

The rings she had me make were formed out of heavy silver wire, soldered and engraved.

I do custom jewelry work by request,  typically, in response to email from someone who googled whatever it is he or she was looking for but didn’t find.   The customer tells me what he or she isn’t finding and wants to know can I custom make it… usually the answer is “yes.”  I ask some questions regarding budget, materials and time frame.  Often, I prepare a proposal sketch if it’s not a jewelry item I’ve done before.  At that point, I usually give a price.   Once the customer has agreed to a design and a price, I send a bill via Paypal.  When the bill is paid I make the piece.  Lead time is typically less than three weeks.

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