Infinity Wedding Bands in Sterling Silver by Silversmyth

These Infinity wedding bands were hand-fabricated which means they weren’t cast in a mold like most jewelry you see in typical jewelry stores.  Casting is used to mass-produce jewelry. The designer typically draws a picture and the rest of the work is done with Computer Aided Design (CAD) and cast by the hundreds or thousands.

Sterling Silver Infinity Rings Wedding BAnds

Sterling Silver Infinity Rings Wedding Bands

Artisan jewelry is so beautiful because of it’s unique look and the designer’s hands are in the process from raw material to the finished jewelry.  You won’t see a set of these custom made rings walking up the street toward you!

Here’s how they were crafted:

Two small round rings, one slightly larger than the other were formed from sterling silver wire.  They were solder closed, strecthed into ovals and twisted into infinity symbols.  Round wire was rolled through a half-round channel in a rolling mill to make the inside of the ring flat and the outside rounded.

The wire was shaped into ring bands and then each end was soldered to each the end of the infinity symbols, one at a time.  Each band was stamped, .925, which means the pur silver content is .925% (also known as sterling silver.)  The rings were then filed down and polished to a high shine.

If you like artisan crafted jewelry please stop over at and check out the latest designs to come off the Silversmyth workbench!

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