How to make Cute & Strong Rope from Scraps of Fabric

I’ve adapted this method of rope making to include unusual shapes of fabric scraps. I use a sewing machine to make it extra strong but it’s not necessary. You can just add additional pieces by overlapping scraps and twist them in. Rope stays twisted because opposing forces are pushing against each other. Tie together two strips of fabric. With the knot to your left twist the top strip away from you a few twists. Then pull the twisted strip over the untwisted toward you. Now the untwisted is on top. Twist that strip away a few times (2-3) and then pull it forward. Now the first strip is back on top. Twist and pull forward. Continue until you are out of fabric and need to overlap a new strip. Try not to have both strips the same length as you never want them both to be transitioning to a new strip at the same place as that would weaken the rope. Just cut one shorter to make sure the strips are of differing lengths and use the leftover pieces later.


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