How much cash do you carry?

Bowl full of cherriesI’ve heard some interesting tales recently of people who only use debit or credit and never carry cash.  I find this crazy.  Do they not ever desire for a little anonymity?

Based on my recent forays into social media I have seen parents exposing all sorts of embarrassing information about their children for public consumption.  I’m not an incredibly private person but I find myself regularly shocked by parents behavior on “social” media.   Maybe anonymity is a thing from a bygone age.

Sharing where your children attend school, what kinds of grades they get and what kind of nasty rash they brought home is really not public business, in my opinion.  He won a dance completion, yay!  Wonderful.  The kids caught the common cold, fine, hope they feel better.  But, I digress.  Can you think of any situations, transactions, or purchases where you just really prefer to pay cash?   Say you go to a garage sale do you really want these strangers having your name and address off your check, no less where you bank and the account number?  What if you feel like spotting a stranger in a jam a couple of bucks? Tips are generally appreciated in cash. I think it’s wise to have some cash for life’s little emergencies, Don’t you?

What about life’s big emergencies?  There could be a run on banks.  There could be a widespread power outage for any number of reasons.  Or I don’t want to scare you but, what if the Girl Scouts come by armed with delicious cookies and you don’t even have a fiver?  Okay just settle down and next time the cashier asks if you want some cash over… just say yeah and take a few bucks to go.

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