Heather’s Custom Sterling Silver Wide Band Ring got Carly Simon Stuck in my Head

Heather Custom Sterling Silver Wide Band Infinity Ring

Heather Custom Sterling Silver Wide Band Infinity Ring

Yesterday, I made this men’s… it has a nice inscription with the outline of a heart followed by Heather’s name. I liked this picture because the reflective surface of the white background captured the clouds in the skiy while I was taking the photo. And then ALL DAY Carly Simon’s song, “You’re so Vain” got stuck in my head, which prompted the discussion about what the lyrics really are.

See back in the day when I was a kid (before the Internet Revolution.) Life was Hell! We couldn’t just check the lyrics on the internet and win the argument… or lose as would normally be the case for me as I always get lyrics wrong. So the clouds in the background made me think of the line “I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee” but see I thought it was, “I had some dreams there were clouds in my coffee.” Anyway, I went over to YouTube played the song to figure it out and hence… song stuck in my head all day. But actually that’s fine because I had “three thousand five hundres miles away what would you do if you could…” stuck in my head for two weeks now. Why is it that I never could get the higher level multiplication tabes stuck in my head?

Now, I’m not sure if those are actual lyrics or not. I think it’s Counting Crows. Next thing, I need to do is do some research on how to rid myself of an ear worm (as in a song that gets stuck in your head) without actually replacing it with another ear worm.

At least this lyrical misunderstanding wasn’t as bad as when I got those lyrics from that theme song from Flash Dance wrong. I thought it wasn’t “Take yourr passion and make it happen.” I thought she said, “Take your pants down and make it happen.”

I just leave it at that.

And for the record… it’s a Whiter Shade of Pale… not a Wyatt Erp Shade of Pale.

Please leave a comment if you know how to get rid of an ear worm…

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