DIY Project – Waxed Fabric Food Wrap Tutorial

In the video above I demonstrated a fun easy do it yourself (DIY) tutorial on how to wax a piece of fabric in order to make reusable food wrap.

Why? Well, maybe you are a frugal sort like me and don’t approve of throwing away your hard earned money every time you want to use plastic wrap. For me “frugal” is a badge of honor. It’s not cheapness, it’s smart. Are you still selling your time for money at a job? Well, most of the time I’m not. How did I get out of the rat race? By making good choices in how I use my limited resources such as time, money, a brain and lots of tools. I use my tools to be resourceful, frugal, thrifty, crafty (in the American usage of that word), clever, and humble.

Okay, back on topic…

You shouldn’t really use waxed fabric for just anything. Use common sense. Never anything that’s going to spread sickness to you or your family if you don’t get it perfectly clean and sterilized. For example never wrap raw meat, fish or eggs. Nothing too messy unless you feel like washing it well. If any food gets on it you can wash it off with soap and cool water. When your wrap starts looking old you can heat it up with hair dryer and make it look like new again.


Food Safe Beeswax
Square of Cotton Fabric
Metal Pan and an electric cooktop (turn off once the wax melts easily.)

Why an electric cooktop? I’d never heat wax over an open flame. I can imagine all sorts of bad things happening and so should you. Apparently burns hurt, so do skin grafts. Would you like an apple pie with that?

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