Cut Purple Amethyst Stones and Blue Tourmaline Cabochons

Just bought a beautiful selection of gemstones from Brazil.  The 10 x 14 millimeter amethyst is so stunning because it’s deep purple and just really really huge.  Perhaps someone will want to commission a piece of fine art jewelry to house one of these lovely gemstones?

Amethyst and tourmaline loose gemstones for jewelry

Cut Purple Amethyst and Tourmaline Cabochon Gemstones

The jewelry designer in me, imagined the blue/green tourmalines bezel set on cuff bracelets.  The rectangular amethysts could be set in rings, though pendants would also be lovely, not bracelets because they are so deep and high carat I fear they would get banged around too much on a wrist.

Not sure in  what kind of settings the trillion (triangle) cut amethysts will show the best.  They aren’t a matched set because I was thinking of one-of-a-kind, individual settings for them and not earrings.  One of them has more fire than the other, the other is darker though perhaps, a more valuable stone.

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