Custom Thumbprint Jewelry in Silver

Fine Silver Thumbprint Necklace

Custom Fine Silver Fingerprint Necklace

This is a Thumb print. It’s a simple process to get a print custom made for you.

After I bill you for the charm/pendant and it’s paid; I send you a container with some pink clay and some white clay. Quickly mix them together until the color is uniform. Roll in a ball and then pat it flat. Immediately squash your thumb or finger into it and count to 5 and then carefully remove your thumb. Let the clay sit for 30 minutes. Pack it back up in the box I sent you. Attach the return label enclosed and give to your Mail Carrier. Wait patiently for a few days while I use the mold you made to craft you a perfect replica of your fingerprint. Then I ship you back a lovely fine silver or sterling silver replica of your print. It will have a ring through it so it can be attached to a charm bracelet or necklace unless otherwise arranged. Arrives in a Silversmyth gift box with ribbon.

This is a great gift for sentimental moms, dads and grandparents who would love a keepsake from when their kids were small. It’s one of those cherish forever type gifts. Want to make one of each grandkid for a charm bracelet for grandma? I can combine shipping and reduce pricing for multiple prints shipped together. I’d also be happy do discuss making a piece of jewelry or putting together a necklace.

Email me at for information on Custom Jewelry.

Custom Silver Fingerprint Necklace in Silversmyth Box

Custom Silver Finger print for Necklace in Silversmyth Box

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