Comparing Silversmyth’s Handmade Infinity Ring to a Manufactured Infinity Ring

Sterling Silver Infinity rins

Silversmyth Infinity Ring compared to a manufactured and imported Infinity Ring.

I’ve taken side by side photos of two Infinity Rings. I’ve handmade made the ring on the left. It was sitting on my workbench today because it didn’t pass my inspection process and I made a new ring to ship to my customer. This ring has never been finished out, but will work today to demonstrate the differences between the rings I hand make and ones that I buy from a supplier who imports these rings from overseas. It didn’t say exactly where they have them made but I’m guessing Thailand. I’m a big fan of Chicken Pad Thai and Thai Basil Chicken, by the way, so nothing against Thailand. Also, the workmanship and finish work is quite lovely.

Both rings have their merits. I’m quite taken by the design of the manufactured infinity ring because the infinity itself seems to bend around gracefully into sort of ribbon like look. Also at $12.99 (currently) it’s a pretty sweet deal.

The rings in the photos are both size 5. The one I made, weighs in at 2.5 grams of sterling silver and the manufactured ring is 1 gram of sterling silver.  My handmade ring has 250% more sterling silver.  One reason for this is that silver has been hollowed out from the rear of the infinity symbol on the manufactured Infinity Ring and the rear of the band is 1mm x 1.4mm.  The width of the Infinity Ring that I handmade is 1.7mm x 3.1mm.  Silver is a soft metal.  That’s why we typically use .925 which is Sterling Silver instead of .999 Fine Silver in jewelry making.

Even with the addition of harder metals strengthening sterling silver, the thickness of the metal really counts for the long term wearability.  Any metal bent back and forth repeatedly will eventually crack and break apart.  I’ve even heard it’s possible to work handcuffs back and forth to break out of them.  But, fortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to test that theory.

The ring I handmade started out as two pieces of wire. One was a round sterling silver wire approximately 10 gauge and the other is a 16 or 18 gauge round sterling silver wire. The 10 gauge wire forms the shank of the ring and the 16 gauge wire is formed into the infinity symbol.  Click here to see this ring on my website.

sterling silver infinity rings to compare top view

sterling silver infinity rings compare top view

I’ve super imposed the manufactured ring on top of my handmade ring to show the difference in the ring shanks.

sterling silver infinity rings layered

sterling silver infinity rings layered

So as my web guy Mike said, “You buy the manufactured jewelry for your teenage daughter and the handmade one for your wife.” Don’t tell his daughter he said that. But it’s true. Kids wear what’s the current fad but if you want a very memorable piece of jewelry to last a lifetime or more, buy the more solid version.



I’m able to hand engrave my handmade infinity rings where the lightweight Infinity Rings are just too dainty for engraving.

If you want to see some reasons why American are making to case for buying American goods click here.  I’m not going to take sides on that issue, though I’ve given it some thought.  It’s just something to think about if you’d ever wondered why we hear rah rah “buy American” so often.

inside view of a manufactured sterling silver infinity ring 925

inside view of sterling silver infinity ring for comparison


<—This photo should give you a visual to help you understand how they’ve removed weight from the ring to make it cheaper to manufacture and therefore more affordable for you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.  If I’ve missed any important points please let me know.  Thanks!


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