Bunny Bubbles Necklace

Bunny Bubbles Necklace, originally uploaded by Silversmyth.

Just wanted to share this awesome email I received today (April 12, 2010) regarding the above necklace that I sold over 5 months ago…

“Anyway, what I wanted to say was “THANK YOU”! I’m in absolute love with my amazing bubbles necklace. It has definitely been deemed my favorite necklace by FAR…this includes my other ‘mom’ necklaces and ALL my Tiffany’s! It’s not often I don’t wear it and that’s only depending on the neckline of my shirt OR if I reeeeally need to wear gold that day – both are RARE. You and Jeff are simply adorable and I’m very grateful you knocked him in the head of what I needed. 😉

I wanted to make sure you realized how important my necklace is to me and how much I truly love it. It’s not like it was a new bday novelty that lost its excitement. That just won’t ever happen.”

There is just no question as to why I love my work so much and why I am delighted to take custom requests like I did on this occassion.

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