Baby Name Birthstone Necklace with Descending Rings in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Necklace with Gemstones and Baby Names

Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace with Baby Names

What a lucky mom! 4 kids with great names and a sterling silver birthstone necklace to boot!

This was a tricky little project.

I made the necklace with 3 rings maybe 7 years ago (?!) and my friend came back for the new ring and baby name added to it AND added gemstones all the way down. Careful planning was necessary to ensure that none of the new solder joins would attach to any of the old joins. I had to add bezel set gemstones to three of them and for the cut stone I made a tube setting out of sterling silver tube that had to be sawed down to the right size.

The settings look hardly attached but there is a support added to the back of each setting to hold all the birthstone settings firmly in place. What might have been the trickiest part was after all the settings were built and soldered together was that I needed to solder each of the jump rings shut to prevent the baby from pulling them apart. If you’ve even had a baby grab your hair or glasses you know that they have fierce gripping action.

So anyway, I love the way this necklace came out so if she doesn’t like it I’ll just adopt some stray cats or dogs and I’ll name them, Sadie, Dylan, Keith and Kinsley so I can keep it.  If you want me to make you something custom just give me a holler.  Link to the Contact form is on the left.



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