Adjustable Peridot and Topaz Sterling Silver Ring by Silversmyth

So, I’ve been thinking about making more adjustable rings, because people’s sizes fluctuate.  And sometimes you want to give a ring as a gift and you don’t know the recipient’s exact size.  I’ve heard all kind of funny tales of my customers trying to discretely find out their significant others’ ring sizes.

I love this color combo: 5mm Green Peridot and 5mm Blue Topaz in Sterling Silver Bezel Settings.

Adjustable Sterling Silver and Peridot Ring

Adjustable Sterling Silver Peridot and Topaz Ring

Also, I used to make piles of small inexpensive adjustable rings.  They are fast to make and are beautiful.  So stay tuned… more like this to come in different color combinations.  And specific colors or stones you’d like to see please post a comment below.  I’m always open to suggestions.

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