5 Things learned from World War Z

This won’t spoil much if any of the movie if you haven’t seen it yet… but I highly recommend World War Z.  It was action packed but should not keep you up at night.  It certainly will give you some things to think about.  Here are 5 ideas everyone should take away from the movie.

1)The government(s) aren’t equipped to handle a major crisis. They might offer you a deal to protect you and your family but they will renege on that deal the minute you aren’t looking.  Have a plan to meet up at a specific location away from your home if a major disruption occurs.  Don’t depend on the government to supply you with what you need.  Have enough supplies in your house for a short term bug-in scenario.  These are the  most common types of emergencies.  But if it turns into a sustained situation…

2) You need to quickly adapt  to your new set of circumstances. You may need to abandon your car and all your stuff. In a real emergency, the kinds of which has hit many countries around the world in recent years, there is a strong possibility that all your preparations are just going to have to be left behind, except those you carry in your mind and pockets.  And it’s going to happen when you least expect it. Sometimes to survive you have to adandon your familiar surroundings and high-tail it. So, being in a good state of physical fitness is never a bad thing.

Now, that I think of it I don’t remember seeing a single fat zombie. That’s really funny actually. I guess we kind of usually think of zombies as people climbing up out of graves like in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. They are always skinny and have limbs that hang rather uselessly.  They didn’t used to seem like tough opponents.  Those were the zombies of the past, apparently.

3) Thinking is the most important key to survival. Part of thinking is remembering the key pieces of information you have obtained and filtering out the extraneous.  Observation is key. You put the pieces together and you must form conclusions.

4) You may be forced to steal what you need. In the fight for survival, animals will steal from each other. Remember that you are an animal.  The number one goal is to make it out of your set of circumstances alive.  Get what you need and protect what is yours.

5) When you are out of safe options try something dangerous.  Try the best idea you can come up with because if you stay put, you die.  You gotta know when to walk away… know when to run.


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