15mm photo frame

15mm photo frame, originally uploaded by Silversmyth.

A new take on the old locket! This is a hand formed sterling silver frame made by me in my studio in Fort Worth, TX.

The photo or keepsake is sealed under a crystal clear dome.  To supply the photo for this item you can email me a high quality digital image after using the payment button.  

Old picture or not a picture at all?  You can mail me a paper picture or even a tiny piece of miniature art.  If it’s your only copy of the picture please make a copy (for me) and keep your original. Your keepsake needs to be just under 15mm and less than 2mm tall.  Unless you want a special custom frame made to your specifications.  I’m always willing to discuss custom silver designs. 

$70.  (Price will vary for different sizes, shapes or additional customizations.)
Please email with specific requirements: info@silversmyth.com


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