Upcycled Water Can Using Discarded Nail Polish

I have bunches of colors of nail polish that either got too tacky or the color just wasn’t right.  Got the bright (pun intended) idea today to use on a fun project.  We had this metal watering can that got dented and faded badly from having been left outside in all kinds of weather.  It looked like crap on the front porch of my new home.  If it was  going to stay out there for everyone to see it was gonna have to be a lot cuter.

Upcycled Watering Can using Old Nail Polish

Upcycled Watering Can Using Nail Polish

You can add a bit of polish remover to tacky polish to make it flow again.  Wash any dirt off your item to be painted, dry and then just paint your heart out.  I didn’t think out the designs much just started sticking paint on.  However you could use masking tape if your design idea calls for straight lines… or just freestyle like I did.

If you plan to use a paint brush to cover more area, pour out only as much polish onto your palette as you can paint on within a few seconds otherwise it will start to dry on you and you will waste paint.  Clean up your brushes promptly with nail polish remover.  Always clean the nail polish out your brushes between colors and let adjacent colors dry before adding a new color.

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