The Drift Pendant

Sterling silver pendant with ruby, sapphire and topaz

Drift Necklace

Just playing around at my workbench messing with different components gave me this design idea.  Sometimes I have a meaning that needs to be to conveyed… but this time it was all about what supplies were on hand and what would be fun to work on.  I was in the mood to set some stones, so I sawed of some sections of sterling silver tubing in different widths.  Bent around some rectangular wire until there were nice curves.  Soldered on sections of tubing and set the light blue stone (topaz), dark blue (sapphire) and the red stone (ruby).

 The graceful elegance of this piece was so ‘my style’, that I decided to keep it.  Of course, I’d be happy to make another for you to your specifications with the stones of your choice.  Just shoot me an email: Pricing is based on the stones included.   : )

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