Sterling Silver Multicolored Gem Stone Studded Cuff Bracelet

I just love how this bracelet came out. I feel like royalty when I’m wearing it. Here’s how it was made… the Reader’s Digest version…

This bracelet was made from scrap sterling left over from several months of jewelry making. The scraps where melted and poured into an ingot mold.

Multicolored Gemstone Cuff

Silver Multicolored Gem Stone Cuff Bracelet

The ingot was then rolled into a sheet using a rolling mill. The sheet of silver was textured with a ball peen hammer. The bracelet was again hammered into a cuff shape using a bracelet mandrel. Bezel settings were soldered to the face of the bracelet and then garnet, amethyst, citrine, ruby, blue topaz, and peridot stones were set. Bezel settings work by compressing the silver around the stone. There is no heat or glue used to hold them in.

Once completed, I didn’t want to part with it… so I kept it for myself. But, I’d be willing to make another if anyone cares to commission one. Due to that hand made nature of this piece, no two will ever be exactly the same. That’s the real beauty in it. And of course the stone colors of your choice could be used. Questions? email:

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Thanks for checking it out! 


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