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MARCH 30, 2009
Contact: Andrew Disney
Los Angeles – 310.694.8095
New York –  646.435.0677
Dallas – 214.295.9078

A huge buzz has started on the internet… people from 35 countries are awaiting the arrival of a feature length film being made in Fort Worth, Texas. Searching for Sonny is set to begin filming in September or October 2009. Searching for Sonny, is a comedy-action hybrid. The screen play was written and will be directed by Fort Worth Native and NYU Graduate, Andrew Disney.

Movie Poster

Movie Poster

The trailer for Searching for Sonny was filmed March 19, 20, and 21, 2009 and the trailer was released to the Internet on March 26th, 2009. Trailer actors include: Tyler Kitchens, Jared Knight, Chris Littler, Tamara Cikic, and Richard Olsen. Disney calls the movie kind of a “bromance.” The urban dictionary defines bromance as the complicated love and affection shared by straight men.

I met with Andrew Disney at the Starbucks at Hulen and Bellaire, in Fort Worth, where part of the trailer was filmed, to get the inside scoop.

Julie Hiltbrunner and Andrew Disney

Julie Hiltbrunner and Andrew Disney

Much of the buzz surrounding this movie has to do with the camera being used for filming. The trailer for this film was shot using a DSLR which looks like a regular 35 millimeter camera.  It will forever change the concept that only high budget film equals high quality film making.  The camera footage looks extremely high quality even in low light situations, so expensive lighting is not required for filming and filming can be done with as little as a five person crew.  DSLRs are revolutionizing the quality of low budget filmmaking.

Andrew Disney behind the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Andrew Disney behind the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

I contacted Joe De Oliveira, the Associate Producer of the hit television series “Lie to Me,” to get his thoughts on this project.

I think the trailer is amazing. The images are amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing the film.

My hat is off to anyone who can get an independent film made. I’m sure they are doing all the right things. Being the first to try this on an SLR camera will surely help them with the publicity.

Friends of mine who are far more experienced film-makers with tons of studio producing credits find indie financing incredibly challenging. The key is a great concept and script. Followed by good performances. Hopefully the production cost of the film is reasonable so you don’t have to get much to get it made. Even with the great resume and a project you believe in, it can be incredibly difficult to get a film made and distributed. I would keep an eye on how to get the film sold in order that the investors can feel assured that they will make their money back. Lastly, some kind of bankable actor would be a big help. Barring that, the concept of being the first with SLR may help make the whole thing work.

I wish him the best of luck.

Joe DeOliveira
Associate Producer
“Lie to Me”
20th Century Fox Television/Fox Broadcasting Co.

The camera used to make the trailer was a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Retailing for only $2699, which hit the market with much anticipation in November of 2008.

Disney is hoping to attract the attention of a few major stars. He may be in luck as Fort Worth and the surrounding cities are home to some major stars such as Tommy Lee Jones, Janine Turner, Larry Hagman, Bill Paxton and Barry Corbin. And Fort Worth also has quite a few notable residents with very deep pockets.

Fort Worth has hosted movie crews before in the making of Logan’s Run (1976), parts of Born on the Forth of July starring Tom Cruise and Gary Sinise (1989) and Point Blank (1998.)

The buzz is moving along the internet “virally,” said Andrew Disney. It’s not a computer virus but a “meme” -which is a unit of cultural information or an idea that transfers rapidly through society like a disease, but in this case it’s a boon for Fort Worth, Texas. On the internet word carries through blogs, Facebook and on Twitter. The meme gets tweeted and retweeted.

This movie is being made this year, but there is a way you can help attract big stars and a bigger budget to the film. The movie trailer can be seen at and there you can add your name to a list of fans who want to see this movie when it is released. Please add your name and email to the list and forward the information on to friends and your social network. The more exposure this film gets the more tourism and jobs may be added to Fort Worth’s economy. In one scene, at least 100 extras will be needed.

Andrew Disney in his own words about Searching for Sonny

It’s definitely Fort Worth. Instead of smoky bars, empty alley ways, and mean city streets, it has big country clubs, private schools, and suburban cul-de-sacs. Searching for Sonny is about three bumbling friends who go back to their high school reunion and get sucked into a small town murder mystery that seems eerily like a play from high school. I love Fort Worth and I’ve always wanted to see Fort Worth grow into a prime spot for filmmakers. Fort Worth should have more than cheap horror films and the end of Logan’s Run (even though I love both.)

We’re shooting on DSLR, which is a new format for filmmakers. There’s a whole revolution that’s about to happen. Indie filmmakers will be able to capture great looking footage with handheld cameras usually reserved for photographers. Our trailer has been getting a ton of hits… We were just posted on gadget blog in China and have gotten a couple thousand of hits in the last twelve hours.

My cinematographer is a friend I studied film with in Rome back in 2003.  His name is Jeffrey Waldron.  He has a masters in cinematography from AFI.  Incredibly talented.  He lives and works in LA.

Andrew Disney is asked several times each day if he is related to Walt Disney. He said that if he is, the relationship if any, is very distant.

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ABOUT: Press Release written by Julie Hiltbrunner, a Fort Worth blogger.
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