Mini Bee Custom Design

Mini Bee Custom Design, originally uploaded by Silversmyth.

The mini bee has a domed front and back. The front side has two stripes that were made by flattening wire and then soldering them to a flat disk.

The disk was then hammered into a dome shape. Closed rings were made oval by placing closed chain nose pliers into the center and spreading apart.

The wings, antenae and stinger were soldered to the rear of the front disk. A disk was domed and then soldered to the backside to enclose and give it a finished look.

The body of the bee got a brushed finish and the stripes a full shine to accentuate the stripes. The pendant is just larger than the size of a dime. This bee is sweet as honey!

$88. on 18″ Chain, with Sterling Silver Silversmyth tag and arrives in a Silversmyth gift box.


Chain Length


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