Men’s Infinity Ring in Sterling Silver

Men's Infinity Ring in Sterling Silver with Hand Engraving

Men’s Infinity Ring in Sterling Silver with Hand Engraving


I got a few requests lately for a heavier version of the infinity band for the guys.   So I created the Men’s Infinity Ring. It is custom made to order in sterling silver.  Hand engraving is currently $2 per letter.  The ring has a 4mm wide band.  The ladies’ band is 3mm wide.   Pictured above is a size 14.  Got word back on this ring from my customer, yesterday… He loved his Valentine gift and it fits perfectly.

Shown: Sterling Silver Infinity Ring with 4mm wide band. Hand engraved by Julie Hiltbrunner.

Here is a link to make a purchase:


or visit the Catalog

A larger Infinity Ring available:

Silversmyth Infinity Rings in Sterling Silver

Silversmyth Infinity RIngs in Sterling Silver

These are machine engravable in many fonts/styles.

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