Leaf Ring

Much like Nambe’s award winning designs that are found in museum collections, my Sensual Minimalist designs are stripped down to the essential elements. I’m attracted to slow organic curves and lustrous shine. The silver of this ring looks almost molten.

Leaf Ring, originally uploaded by Silversmyth.

Sensual Minimalistic designs are described as abstract forms that are an experience, not just an object. This ring is not just a thing of beauty but a sensual form, exquisite and when worn is warm to the touch.

The smooth and solid feel of 11 grams of precious sterling silver add to the value of this beautifully carved ring. The interior of the leaf is only partially hollowed out and the widest portion of the ring shank is at the bottom for balance.

Did you ever wonder why jewelers hollow out the backside of rings? For one thing it makes them lighter weight and therefore far less expensive to produce. I love the feel of a solid ring and to run my fingers over it and trace the smooth curves.

This is ring is an Art form to behold and to be worn.


Half or Quarter Size?

Cast and Hand Finished Sterling Silver.
Grams vary by ring size.
Size 7 weighs approx. 11 grams. allow two weeks for delivery as each ring is lovingly made to order.  Whole, half and quarter sizes.

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