Kid’s Projects with Play Doh get a Professional Gloss Polish

Play doh characters with a clear nail polish coating.

I had some extra nail polish I wasn’t using so I painted two coats on to these Play Doh characters to give them a finished look.

It’s important to get the Play Doh completely dry before coating them. You can wait a week or two or speed the drying process along by placing them in a warm oven. Mod Podge would also work if you have some handy.

These characters are only about an inch tall so nail polish was a fine option.

I painted one side and let dry for 5 minutes and then turned over and painted the other side. For the second coat I really just added more gloss to any duller looking spots. It would be pretty easy to add a head pin through any of these characters before drying if you planned to add them to a necklace or wanted to suspend them from something.

To add a head pin, push the head pin through the bottom and up through the top of the head. Use round nose pliers to form a loop at the top and cut away the excess.  Attach to your desired component and close by bending the cut end flush against where the pin comes out of the top of your creation.

Click on the photo for a closer look.

One thought on “Kid’s Projects with Play Doh get a Professional Gloss Polish

  1. Not only are you a good at creating beautiful jewelry but these little guys are so adorable. They would make great xmas ornaments too.
    Miss you on Twitter you always made me laugh but definately beginning to see what you mean when you say “its so different now”

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