Jacquie Hearts

Three Sterling silver hearts on a delicate sterling chain. Approx 1.5 inches across. $88 on 18 Inch chain.

The three hearts was a custom design requested by one customer and adapted to a smaller version for another customer. These tiny elegant hearts have two rings soldered to the rear that allows the chain necklace to run across the back where it is out of sight but suspending the hearts.

The hearts were cut out of sterling silver sheet metal and domed to create visual volume. The rear has a support that give additional weight to the piece and security where the joints are soldered.

Photographing this piece was tricky. In each photo I took, there were images of me standing in each heart due to the high reflectivity of the silver. I finally devised a cunning plan take the photo outside, cover the whole area above the piece in an improvised paper tent and cut a hole in the paper to put the camera lense through. Turned on my flash to brighten the image. I used Photoshop to remove the black spot the camera made in the reflection.

I was so delighted with how beautiful this necklace came out. When I get some time freed up I plan to make one for myself.

Please email me regarding shipping pricing  for international orders.  

email: info@silversmyth.com

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