Arts Fifth Avenue 8 year Anniversary celebration Tonight!

Ruby Citrine and Champagne Necklace

Ruby Citrine and Champagne Necklace

September 11, 2009
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Admission – FREE
Bring your friends & family…all ages welcome.
Art, Music, Theatre, Dance!

* Children Welcome
* FREE Concessions
* Art Exhibit
* Entertainment

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Dear Students & Supporters…Friends & Family,

Please join us as we celebrate our 8th Anniversary and for our 1st Annual Artist-In-Residence Showcase.

Opera, Tap Dance, Sculpture, Jazz Vocals, Hip Hop, Comic Monologue, Oil Paintings, Mime, Multi-Cultural Storytelling, Modern Dance, Mosaics, Beaded Jewelry, Weavings, Mixed-Media Paintings, Photography & More…must be Arts Fifth Avenue and where else but in Fort Worth!

I’ll be there with my Silversmyth Jewelry Collection!

Arts Fifth Avenue opened its doors and held its first classes on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

We watched the tragedies of the day unfold and listened as the skies went silent. We were unsure of what we should do or were supposed to do in the aftermath, so we did the only thing we could – we tap danced with tears in our eyes and broken hearts.

We would like to thank all of you of for your support through the years and each year as we celebrate our anniversary, we will honor the lives interrupted through our art. We invite you to join us now and in the future.
Thank You.

Arts Fifth Avenue
1628 5th Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76104

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  1. The precision of the circles in this necklace are impressive! There’s no way i could make something out of metal like this. I’d probably melt the metal down and end up spilling it all over myself. :/

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