Fort Worth Arts Goggle And Gallery Night Featured Artist, Lynn Hart

“Being creative is a part of who I am. I was always frustrated with regular jobs, I couldn’t give a flip about whether people bought office supplies,” said Hart. Lynn said she enjoyed visiting the people to whom she sold office supplies, “but quite frankly,” she said, she was never able to cope well with mundane jobs.

Lynn Hart, Artist

Lynn Hart, Artist

Lynn Hart, a Fort Worth native, has been involved in the Fort Worth Gallery Night scene since 1996. Lynn and I became friends in 1998, when we met at Janis Bryant Art Centre on Camp Bowie. Lynn was a resident artist at the Centre, and I was taking painting classes taught by Janis Bryant. Janis Bryant Art Centre doesn’t exist anymore; in it’s place is Arts on the Boulevard, an artist’s co-operative.

Hart is a talented artist whose works are in the collections hundreds of art lovers around the Metroplex. Though she is now free to paint every day, Lynn has faced many hardships and challenges in the past few years.

After her divorce eight years ago, Lynn was left struggling through the loss of most of her possessions and the loss of her home. She was living in a partially-renovated attic that she rented in South Fort Worth. During that time her car’s engine blew up. Cathy Weverka of Designer’s Resource Studios sold Lynn Hart’s art and helped her to buy another car, and Lynn credits Cathy for making it possible for her to continue creating.

Helen's World, by Lynn Hart

Helen's World, by Lynn Hart

In 2008, on the evening of Fall Arts Goggle, Lynn broke her ankle in two places requiring extensive surgery. The injury and recuperation put her out of work for several months. With the help of friends, Lynn has been able to pull herself together and get back to working for Imagination Celebration’s Artist Apprenticeship Program. In the Month of December, Gracey Tune, the director of Arts Fifth Avenue, was especially helpful in providing Arts Fifth Avenue as a location for a showing of Lynn’s Work. The show sucessfully sold several of Lynn’s paintings, thus alleviating some of the financial burden Lynn was facing.

These struggles were times that Lynn thought she would have to give up creating art. The expense of art supplies and the monopoly it had on her time challenged her resolve but the drive to create won out.

Lynn Hart is a unique person and even quite different from typical creative types. On any given day, you might find Lynn discussing anything from Quantum Mechanics to the Paranormal. Quantum mechanics is a set of principles underlying the most fundamental known description of all physical systems at the microscopic scale (at the atomic level). -from

Self Portrait, by Lynn Hart

Self Portrait, by Lynn Hart

All of her theories converge into the one major theory that we are all connected at the subatomic level. Thoughts are concrete; and change the physical world. She tells me thinking about someone might draw them to you or make them call you and how prayer can change the world. Lynn’s ideas can be pretty far out. It’s because quite literally she experiences the world differently than anyone else.

Lynn Hart has Synesthesia, is “a neurologically based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.” -From When she was a child she explained to her father that she would sometimes see white lines appear around people or objects. The lines and patterns around people might go up through the ceiling or out through a window. These white lines (that she still experiences randomly) form patterns that don’t make any sense at all. Her father used to tell her that she was sitting too close to the television, not in enough light or staring at things too long, in an effort to help her.

Eventually, she stopped talking about it because she feared people might think she was crazy. As an adult Lynn finally realized that she was experiencing while watching a television program that described Synesthesia. Synesthesia has made the way Lynn experiences the world different from the way you or I do. In particular, she believes it has attracted her to the linear aspects of Cubism. The well know artist Kandinsky was noted for having Synesthesia, though the fact is still under review. Tori Amos, the musician, and David Hockney, the painter are confirmed Sinesthetes. An interesting representation of Synesthesia you may have seen is the Walt Disney movie Fantasia.

Hart works her theories grabbed from science and the unique perspective Synesthesia has given her into her paintings, which makes them so intriguing. Lynn’s paintings are most often described as Cubism or representational abstraction.

The above painting was done following one that she sold, called “What the Bird Sees.” The painting was a cubist interpretation of a tree with the abstracted shapes of birds in the negative spaces between the branches. Lynn was staring up at a tree that had lost its leaves about ten years ago. She noticed that the patterns formed by the branches looked like birds. She poses the question, “Are the birds attracted to the trees because the branches imitate the shape of birds, or does the tree look like it does because the birds have influenced the tree.” Lynn says she’s “down the rabbit hole,” in an entirely different paradigm. She’s referencing the movie, “What the Bleep.” She said, “That movie really spoke to me in a language I could understand about Quantum Mechanics.”

Houses painted onto collaged sheet music on canvas, by Lynn Hart

Houses painted onto collaged sheet music on canvas, by Lynn Hart

Intrigued? Come see some of Lynn Hart’s never seen before paintings at Arts Goggle on March 27, 2009 at <a href=””>Arts Fifth Avenue</a>, 1628 5th Avenue, at the corner of Fifth Avenue. And at the same location on March 28th, 2009 for Fort Worth Spring Gallery Night.

Biographical Statement

Lynn Hart, a self-taught artist, was influenced by her father and grandfather who were both talented artists. Her education has been predominantly independent which has given her the freedom to explore her own development as an artist. As a teenager, Lynn was taken under the wing of her high school Art teacher who encouraged her to self study and attend lectures on all topics related to art. From the age of 22 on, Lynn worked for Parmer-Bell Reprographics and learned about art supplies from the suppliers and her artist-customers.

Hart has been a painter, sculptor, teacher, and in 1987 a lecturer of primitive art for local schools. As owner of Singing Star Designs for six years, between 1988-1994, Lynn, designed and painted clothing for national distribution. Her work has been shown in many markets across the United States. In 1994, Lynn’s burning desire to learn about art sent her on a personal educational journey to the public libraries where she read about and studied Art History books and Art magazines. She could not resist the creative pull to paint on canvas and moved on to producing fine art.

Lynn Hart’s work has appeared in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Fort Worth Weekly and Fort Worth Magazine. It has been exhibited at the Janis Bryant Art Centre, McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Deep Ellum Lofts – “Off the Wall” exhibit, Alpine Gallery, The Downtown Fort Worth Public Library, Mo’ Martre Gallery, Designer Resource Studios, and the Community Arts Center of Fort Worth. Lynn’s latest work is being features at Silk, K. Flores Antiques, Doris Saunders LTD, and Arts Fifth Avenue.

Hart’s work covers a vast range of mediums and styles – from illustrative to cubism, or curbside art to sculpture. She loves the process of taking on new challenges in her work. Cubism has captured her creative curiosity. She has studied analytical cubism and has enjoyed the freedom of linear expressionism, where the image is found among abstract lines of the medium. Combining all the aspects of cubism is a challenge and has created some of her most exciting work. Lynn Hart’s passion is perseverance in the creative process, always changing and growing, asking why and why not and pushing her process in new directions.

Lynn Hart has been the coordinator of the Imagination Celebration Artist Apprenticeship Program for Fort Worth Independent School District since 2006.

Prints of Lynn Hart’s paintings are available at

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  1. I am a Lynn Hart fan, too! I love her work. It is so reflective of her personality and beauty. Thanks for posting this article!

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