Earrings for Unpierced Ears!

Earrings for unpierced earrings

Earrings for Un-pierced Ears

These earrings were designed for a customer who has un-pierced ears.  There aren’t a lot of earring makers that cater to people who don’t have their ears pierced.  And clip-ons aren’t always the right choice for the style you desire.  These can simply be twisted gently to change the amount of tension you require so they are comfortable for you.

The above earrings are made of sterling silver, hand formed, flattened and polished.

These earrings lay flat against the earlobe but they can certainly be adjusted to be worn so they sit front to back.  I design most of my earrings to display best to the front view.  Customers wear earrings so they feel pretty… and they know they do when they look in the mirror.  The side view is for other people.

Email: info@silversmyth.com …  for earrings, or whatever you desire can be made to your specific requirements. Thank you!

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