Customized Sterling Silver Infinity Rings

His and Hers Sterling Silver Infinity Rings

His and Hers Sterling Silver Infinity Rings

Recently, I’ve been asked to make different versions of my already popular Sterling Silver Infinity Rings. Above the customer asked for 4mm instead of 3mm wide band. It’s easy for me to make adjustments like these because each ring is made by hand instead of cast from molds in multiples.

The photo above was a bigger change to the design. But again easy enough to accomplish as the Infinity rings are all made from raw sterling silver sheets and wires. In this case the infinity symbol is soldered to the outside of the band instead of cradled between the ends of the bands and soldered in place.

Sterling Silver Wide Band Infinity Ring

Sterling Silver Wide Band Infinity Ring

Customers love my hand engraving. It gives the piece a very personal touch. I do offer pieces to be machine engraved but most often people request my hand engraving. I’ve been wondering why this is… perhaps people like jewelry that is personal and handmade. If so… that’s awesome for craftsmen like me.

These rings have been used as engagement rings, promise rings and wedding bands. I’ve been hoping my customers will send me pictures of these rings on their hands! I’ve put it out there… also permission to post those pics would be wonderful!


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